Libro de la Semana

The Global Employment Challenge

by: Ghose, Ajit K.

Abstract: This volume offers an in-depth analysis of the state of employment in the world today, providing a detailed and comprehensive picture of the serious challenges faced by today’s policy-makers. The authors argue that the precise nature of what they call ‘the employment challenge’ varies between countries and regions, as do its underlying causes and the responses of governments. But they also suggest that in a globalizing world there are policy challenges that can only be addressed at the international level. The authors warn that if the international community and national governments fail to take corrective action immediately, what is now an employment problem will soon become an employment crisis in all parts of the world. The book’s empirical focus is on four groups of states: developing countries, developed countries, Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. It offers groundbreaking analysis of the nature and characteristics of employment and of emerging trends in these areas, as well as valuable information derived using both new and established indicators of employment and unemployment. The study also looks in detail at certain specific questions such as the unequal distribution of productive resources and the failure of globalization to alter this, the relationship between employment and poverty reduction in developing countries, and the rise in non-standard employment in developed countries. (

Disponible en BAE: HD 5713 .G49 2008

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