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car-econThe Caribbean Economy: a reader

By: Pantin, Dennis (ed.)

This Reader has as a first objective, therefore, to provide a single source document for a representative sample of much of the pioneering work in Caribbean economy. There have been several reviews3 of the post World War II economic literature in the Caribbean but this Reader provides original source material. It seeks to complement and update a number of earlier publications of similar intent including Girvan and Jefferson (1972), Beckford and Girvan (1989), Lalta and Freckleton (1993)

The Reader provides ready access to a range of contributions to Caribbean economic literature which have sought to answer three central questions which ought to be asked of

any economy. First, how do Caribbean Economies work? Second, what are the socio economic impacts of how these economies function? Third, what ought to be done to improve the workings of these economies to realize the expectations of the populations of the region? The Reader is therefore broken up into three Parts each of which is devoted to ‘answers’ provided – by the featured authors – to each of these questions. In some instances, the selected paper addresses all three questions and its sectional location was based on a judgment as to the main focus of the paper in terms of the three identified questions.

Disponible en BAE: HC 151 .C372 2005


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