Libro de la Semana

Financing Energy Efficiency: Lessons from Brazil, China, India, and Beyond

By: Taylor, Robert P.

Greater energy efficiency is key for shifting country development paths toward lower-carbon economic growth.  Especially in developing countries and trasition economies, vast potencial for energy savings opportunities remain unrealized even though current financial returns are strong.  Financing Energy Efficiency: lessons from Brazil, China, india and Beyond examines the nature of this dilemma and how it may be overcome.

This book reviews the reasons for the success or a range of recent energy efficiency programs in developing countries and economies in trasition.  It also draws heavily on an intensive program to exchange ideas and operational lessons learned in energy efficiency projects in Brazil, China, and India, undertaken during  2002-06 with funding from the United Nations Foundation.  The book attempts to synthetize lessons from the many practical experiences shared by scores of seasoned professionals working on energy efficiency in these three large developing countries and the thoughts of these practitioners on how to overcome the obstacles faced.


Disponible en BAE: HD 9502 .A2F56 2008

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