Publicación del World Bank: Development Outreach: Growing Out of Crisis


A global financial and economic convulsion of the magnitude we have just experienced should offer valuable lessons. This issue of Development Outreach, “Growing Out of Crisis,” offers a multifaceted picture that sheds new light on the impact of the crisis from different perspectives and in different parts of the world, and discusses changes at national and international levels that would better protect us from the next crisis. The main questions it addressesare: what were the prevailing economic conditions when the crisis struck; what was the impact during the first year of the global crisis;whatpolicies have the developing countries taken in response; andwhat effects will those policies have on output, employment, poverty, and public finances.

Development Outreach is a flagship magazine in the field of global knowledge for development which reflects the learning programs of the World Bank and presents a range of viewpoints by renowned authors and specialists worldwide.

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