Investigaciones con seres humanos y seres vivos


  •  Comité Institucional para la Protección de los Seres Humanos en la Investigación (CIPSHI) 


  • University of Puerto Rico – Rio Piedras Campus- Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee of the (UPR-RRP-IACUC)


Library research support

Cornell University Library
Research Guide Radcliffe Institute Harvard Library
Bibliotecas Universidad de Salamanca
Bibliotecas Universidad de Salamanca (Factores de Impacto)
Biblioteca Universidad de Sevilla
Universidad de Barcelona (Guía del Investigador)
The University of Sheffield (Information for Researchers)
Quick Reference Cards for Research Impact Metrics
The London School of Economic and Political Science (Research Support)
University of Plymouth (Library Research Support Services)
USC Library Research Support Strategy
University of Minnesota Libraries (Researcher support services)
The University of Western Australia (Support for UWA researchers)
Imperial College London (Library Services Research Support)



  • Best practices in authorship attribution: COPE, EPA, APA

«This document, provide a practical advice on addressing the most common issues around authorship.»

«This document provide a set of objective criteria and general standards that can be used to prevent or resolve authorship issues and ensure the appropriate acknowledgment of individual contributions in EPA work products.»

«This checklist is designed to aid contributors in deciding if they deserve authorship on the research project and to aid authorship-worthy contributors in determining the order of authorship.»


Biblioteca especializada que apoya la Facultad de Administración de Empresas de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Río Piedras

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