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Farver, S. (2019). Mainstreaming corporate sustainability : Using proven tools to promote business success. ProQuest Ebook Central

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Mainstreaming Corporate Sustainability is a practical guide to the leading tools and resources used to successfully integrate sustainability into a company’s corporate culture. Through the examples of companies from around the world, it provides an overview of the basics of any successful sustainability program, including the various international standards and performance frameworks that can be adapted to companies striving to improve their sustainability performance. These standards are summarized and explained in clear language and a conversational tone, allowing the reader to absorb what can be a complicated maze of resources. Used as the centerpiece for a popular corporate sustainability class taught on campus and online at Harvard University Extension School, as well as other universities around the U.S., this guide provides students and professionals alike with an overview of the most valuable management tools and resources available today. The second edition has been expanded with updated resources and a greater emphasis on climate change and reducing a firm’s carbon footprint. Mainstreaming Corporate Sustainability provides an understanding of the pitfalls and challenges of this ever-changing field. It helps the reader become adept at asking the right questions and speaking the language of sustainability professionals, providing guidance to become a leader in this important business arena. Recommendations for additional reading are provided throughout, allowing the reader to delve more deeply into the subject at any stage. Key Features • Provides step-by-step processes for building a corporate sustainability program from the ground up • Emphasizes environmental and social responsibility while providing tools to promote successful financial measurement and economic success • Includes key ingredients to enrich any existing sustainability program and prioritizes the various choices for action • Helps to identify risk and opportunity to create economic success when environmental and social challenges arise • Includes advice on stakeholder engagement and meeting communication challenges in today’s shifting business world • Describes how to develop strategies and systems management to promote successful transitions from inefficient operations • Provides key advice for supply chain management and meeting challenges of the value chain for multi-national corporations • Gives information about reporting and how to develop a clear and successful sustainability re-port • Supplies ideas for innovation, design, and marketing to promote responsible stewardship and successful customer relations • Offers a great balance between application of the tools/metrics/frameworks and the understanding of the philosophical underpinnings • Integrates the various elements of sustainability into a cohesive and systematic methodology that broadens how you will view corporate responsibility and the options available for addressing the pressing sustainability challenges facing our world • WAV offers teaching material for adopting professors—available from the Web Added Value Download Resource Center at the J. Ross Publishing website.

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Industrias culturales y economía creativa en Latinoamérica: Desarrollo económico y social en la región | Editorial Uniagustiniana


Esta publicación propone ser un punto de partida para el rol de la academia frenta a las industrias culturales y creativas mediante un esfuerzo de un grupo de académicos de la región que han estado conectados al ecosistema creativo. Este conjunto de ensayos e investigaciones plantea una muestra de la agenda de investigación que necesita el sector.  El libro transita entre el panorama macro del rol de las industrias culturales y creativas en el desarrollo económico y social, hasta las experiencias de los emprendedores y los retos de lograr modelos de negocio sostenible. Los textos que conforman este libro son excelentes puntos de partida para las conversaciones más importantes a las que nos enfrentamos en los próximos años. Con la primera parte se pretende acercar al lector a un contexto general tanto de descripción de la situación actual como la apertura a las oportunidades que ofrece la formalización, el apoyo y desarrollo de las actividades culturales. En la segunda parte, se reconoce que los países de Latinoamérica y el Caribe son productores de cultura y por tanto han venido identificando oportunidades, encontrando en la economía creativa un pilar sostenible de sus economías.


Fuente: Industrias culturales y economía creativa en Latinoamérica: Desarrollo económico y social en la región | Editorial Uniagustiniana